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Updated 17 May 2021

Next update due 15 May 2021

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Imperial Inn V.I.P. BONUS Cards

At the Inn we always provide great value; become a 'VIP', pre-pay and save...save plenty...get up to 30% bonus purchasing power.

That's right 30% !

Here's how it works

If you're into the concept of a BONUS, and who isn't; check it out and get one of these cards next time you visit.

They don't expire and having been in this business 15 plus years and experienced SARS, MERS, GFC, COVID19; so we're not going anywhere!


Cold glass, cold beer, clean glass, clean lines, fresh beer, right pressure, correct pour.

Now that's the way a beer should be. Top it off with great, attentive, western style service and it's as good as it gets!

...and a great deal for our VIP's.

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  • Summer Specials


    During May 2021

    Join us for...

    Coopers Stout

    All Day RMB 30

    ....while stock lasts

    All Day RMB 188 for 6 shots of Baby Guinness

    All 7 Days a Week